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1) What is freight forwarder?

Freight forwarder is a company that specializes in managing and coordinating the transportation of goods on behalf of their clients.

2) How is chargeable weight calculated?

Chargeable weight is either based on gross weight (actual weight of a package) or the volumetric weight (based on the size of a package such as its length, breadth and height) of a package.

3) How can I track my package?

Once you create a shipment, specific reference number is given to that shipment, known as waybill number or tracking number. You can go to the freight forwarder or carrier's (Airline or Sealine) website and track/trace your shipment using the reference number.

4) Can I change the delivery address after I've placed the order?

Yes, you can change the delivery address, with a certain extra amount charged for the service.

5) What is MSDS?

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. It is a document providing important information about properties, hazards and safe handling process/procedures. This document makes aware everyone involved about the potential risks and the ways to handle the goods safely.

6) What is DG?

DG (Dangerous Goods) means the materials that have the potential to cause harm to people, property or the environment during transportation. Examples: Flammable Liquids, Corrosive substances like batteries or acids, explosive and radioactive materials.

7) What is Incoterms?

Incoterms stands for International Commercial Terms who is responsible for tasks such as transportation, insurance, custom clearance and delivery of goods.

8) What is DDP?

DDP stands for Delivered Duty Paid which refers to delivering the goods to the buyer's specified location while taking care custom clearance and paying any applicable duties or taxes.

9) What is DAP?

DAP stands for Delivered at Place where seller is responsible for delivering the goods to specified location agreed upon with buyer, but the buyer is responsible for import clearance or any applicable taxes or duties.

10) What is FOB?

FOB means Free on Board where seller is responsible for delivering the goods to a specified port of shipment and covers the cost of loading goods.

11) What is CIF?

CIF refers to Cost, Insurance and Freight where seller covers the cost of transportation and insurance to deliver the goods.

12) What is EXW?

EXW stands for Ex Works where seller's responsibility ends when they make the goods available at designated location. And the buyer is responsible for all transportation and costs from that point onward.

13) What are the information needed for a shipment?

To ship something, you need the recipient's addresses, contact information, package's weight and dimensions.

14) What is proforma (invoice)?

Proforma invoice is a preliminary bill also known as an early bill, which is provided by a buyer to their seller before delivering the goods. This is needed for the buyer to make the payment transfer to the seller.

15) What is manifest?

A manifest is a document which helps to keep the track of what's being transported. It is also a list of contents of a shipment.

16) What is bill of export?

A bill of export is a document which includes the information of goods that are being exported from one country to another. Bill of export is a crucial document for custom clearance.

17) Can you handle door delivery at destination and pickup from residential area?

Yes, we can handle door delivery at destination and also pickup from residential area. You just need to provide us with the proper address details.

18) What is POD?

POD stands for Proof of Delivery. It is a document that serves as a confirmation of a package being delivered successfully.

19) How can I request a proof of delivery for my package?

You can ask the courier service provider for a copy of proof of delivery (POD).

20) Do you offer insurance for shipments?

Yes, we offer insurance service for shipments. You have to provide original invoice of the goods being exported and pay the designated premium amount.

21) What happens if my package get lost ?

It doesn't quite occur but if your package gets lost, you will be refunded for a maximum value of up to 100 USD dollars.

22) Why should I choose GEL?

GEL (Galaxy Express and logistics Pvt. Ltd) provides quality and reliable courier and cargo service to and form all over the world. We also provide dedicated commercial shipping from China and South Korea with best service and rate with no comparison on quality. We provide two-way courier shipping service between Nepal and Australia.

23) Why is less weight charged more?

Shipping companies charge for the space taken by a certain shipment. So, in some case, lighter package can be expensive due to the space taken .

24) Are there any additional fees or taxes associated with international shipping?

Yes, additional fees and taxes may apply to international shipping including custom handling, airport ground handling, packaging cost and specific charges for artifact or food items such as archaeology or quarantine certificates. Fees vary depending on item type and destination.

25) What is pallet?

Pallet is known as a strong foundation used to stack numerous products or heavy products, which makes everything easier and stable during transportation.

26) How to calculate Pallet shipment size?

Pallet shipment size can be calculated by measuring the length and breadth of the pallet bases in inches or centimeter, then the height of the pallet shipment.

27) Are there any limitation on the size or weight of international shipping?

If it is a courier shipment, there are limitations on both size and weight which vary depending upon different carriers.

28) Can I ship pharmaceuticals or medical supplies?

In case of courier shipments, pharmaceuticals or medical supplies are usually not recommended to ship.

29) What is Green zone?

A special area where items are stored and handled with extra care because they're environmentally sensitive or perishable. It is done to keep the products in good condition and reduce harm to the environment.

30) Can I ship artwork or valuable collectible internationally?

Yes, you can ship artwork or valuable collectible internationally but you need archeology certificate for that.

31) Can I ship electronic devices or gadgets internationally?

Yes, you can ship electronic devices or gadgets internationally.

32) What is Carrier?

An organization or company that is in charge of moving the commodities form one place to another using various modes of transportation such as air, sea, road or rail.

33) What is AWB?

AWB stands for Air Way Bill. It is a document that serves as a contract of carriage between any shipper and the airline.

34) What is HS code?

HS code stands for Harmonized System code which is an internationally recognized system for categorizing goods. HS code consists of six-digits number which gives a unique identification to each product which is used worldwide.

35) What is the difference between Sea freight and Air freight?

Transportation of commodities by ship across oceans, which is ideal for shipping large quantities of goods across long distances is Sea freight. On the other hand, transporting goods by plane, which is faster but more expensive, making it ideal for urgent or precious items is Air freight.

36) What is LCL?

LCL stands for Less than Container Load. Shipment that does not fill an entire container is known as LCL. In this method, multiple small shipments from different shippers is combined into one container.

37) What is FCL?

FCL stands for Full Container Load where an entire container is reserved for one shipper.

38) What is Bill of Lading?

An official document from shipping company that certifies they have received your goods and the details of what's being shipped. Basically, it is like a receipt or a contract.

39) What is ETA?

ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival. It refers to the time when the package or shipment is expected to arrive at its destination.

40) What is ETT?

ETT stands for Estimated Transit Time. It refers to the estimated duration of time that a package or shipment will take to travel from the sender to the recipient.

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