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Yes, that’s the case. We’ve seen and heard of several occasions where your courier arrives but isn’t in the same state it should be. And, others, like you, also do not want to be the recipient of cargo with such damaged contents.

It’s kinda quite disappointing though to open a package only to find the package chipped, squashed, or worse, broken beyond repair. However, if you load your courier efficiently, this will no longer be the case. Isn’t that right?

And, finally, your package would arrive in a single piece. Here, we’ve shared some useful ideas to assist you in properly packaging your goods. We hope it would be of at least some help.

First, choose a substantial but lightweight box
Firstly, always select a carton that is sturdy and solid, as well as somewhat larger than the size of the goods you wish to convey. Never undervalue the importance of selecting the correct box for your items.

Note: Choosing a lightbox however also helps you save money as well.

Second, add some padding
The reason for purchasing a somewhat larger box was to add a cushion to it. As cushioning, you may use bubble wrap, a paper mache tray, an inner or outer container, or some plain old-fashioned polystyrene chips.

It certainly makes your item much more secure.
But what if you need to pack more than one item in the same package?
Don’t be concerned about it. However, it would be ideal, if you could utilize a different box for each item. Nonetheless, if you still put together two items, provide at least 2 inches of room around the item purpose of providing appropriate cushioning.

However, we recommend that you perform separate packing.

Third, place some stickers indicating fragile goods
After packing the items, Put at least one DELICATE or HANDLE WITH CARE direction sticker on your cargo. It’s an easy method to call attention to your delicate products. When they see such stickers, the loaders in shipment carefully move them.
Lastly, don’t forget to use sturdy packaging tape.
Even if you have meticulously followed all of the preceding instructions, you must still use robust packing tape to wrap up your packaging. It keeps your package from opening while it’s being delivered. However, the taping procedure appears to be overlooked at times.

In any case, utilize strong packing tapes, such as nylon or vinyl tape, and wrap them with overall corners and apertures when carrying out this activity.

So, what are your thoughts on these hints and tips? Are they beneficial?

We believe it is. And, certainly, if you’re not interested in packing, we can do it for you.

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