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In today’s world, we all entirely depend on speed and quickness of delivery. In logistics business, last mile delivery is the most crucial and challenging part of the entire delivery process. It is also the final step of the delivery process. Where the cargo has to be brought from the distribution center to the customer’s home. Even though technology has been advanced over the previous few years, the last mile operation still poses much more problems that everyone is compelled to tackle with.

Challenges Faced by logistics during last-mile-delivery

1. Traffic Congestion: Densely populated area in the urban environment frequently face various traffic jams that consequently make for a long drive and a delayed delivery. With the congested streets being a challenge to the fleets responsible for transportation.

2. Address Accuracy: This may result into failures in deliveries due to wrong or incomplete addresses, which might result in terrible customer experience and additional expenses for business; so, one really needs to take care about addresses. It is of great importance that correct address information for the final delivery should be guaranteed otherwise the success cannot be guaranteed.

 3. Time limitations: Due to the particular requirements for deliveries, customers’ have high expectations regarding speed and flexibility. Being punctual with important delivery deadlines can sometimes be a challenge, especially during the seasons of high traffic and in less well-equipped areas.

4. Parcel Theft and Security: Removing the protection of packages remains a persistent issue. A local residence break-ins and unauthorized access to delivery points are instances that may lead to a major loss for both customers and businesses. 

Such last mile delivery challenges are very complicated but they are not beyond the solution. Through customer-oriented approach that takes technology to the next level and collaboration with stakeholders, businesses can tackle the challenges associated with last mile deliveries without any obstacles. Instead of resisting innovation and not changing methods at all, the fresh approach of constantly making improvements to the logistic sphere will lead to success in an ever-developing world of logistics.

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