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The word “Carrier” has a lot of meaning in the world of logistics. It plays a vital role in transporting goods and commodities from one place to another. They ensure consignee a smooth transportation of commodities. Carrier is an organization or company that is in charge of moving the commodities from one place to another. Goods can be transported by land, air or sea. There are different participants included in this entity as players, such as shipping companies, airlines and courier services.

Roles of Carrier

Carriers perform many tasks which are essential to the efficient operation of cargo and courier services.

1) Transportation – The main duty of a carrier is to move commodities physically from the point of origin to the designated destination, which may involve various modes of transportation depending on the cargo and the distance to be travelled.

2) Logistics Management – Carriers are responsible for coordinating and organizing the logistics that is involved in the transportation process. This includes freight handling, custom clearance and documentation and also includes route planning.

3) Tracking and Monitoring – Carriers use tracking system to monitor the movement of goods in real time. Shippers and consignees both can track the status and the location of their shipments throughout the transit process.

4) Risk Management – Carriers minimize the risk related with transportation, such as damage, theft or delays, by putting strong measures like insurance coverage and backup plans in place.

5) Customer Service – Any query related to the shipments throughout the shipping process is carried out or helped by customer service to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their delivery experience.

Why do carriers matter?

  1. They choose the most effective means to transport the goods smoothly and also help to cut down on extra expenses.
  2. They ensure the customer that shipment will arrive on time without any damage.
  3. Carriers are the ones who connect the market and enterprises globally, which makes it possible for them to move the goods across borders and ocean smoothly.

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