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First, let’s get some idea of what Custom Clearance means?
To put it simply, customs clearance is a mandatory step for allowing merchandise to enter a country through an approved shipping firm (Courier shipment companies). It is, as previously stated, a required procedure. As a result, there is no way to bypass customs clearance while sending or receiving any courier.

Furthermore, it is almost clear that the majority of Nepal’s urgent and fragile commodities are imported and exported only through Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). Nepal, as a landlocked country with no direct access to the sea, must rely on either aircraft or highways.

Although there is an option for road transactions, it is insufficient for couriers because it takes too long. In short, exporting commodities to or from other countries via land or water makes zero sense when it comes to meeting deadlines.

As a result, practically all international courier services are conducted by air. And dealing with international customs clearance is really no easy task. When there is a transaction of items, the term Custom Clearance is always involved.

What actions come within the scope of Customs Clearance?
Customs clearance processes are among the most time-consuming and inconvenient tasks. As a result, most people strive to avoid getting involved in it. This is where custom brokers (also known as courier businesses such as Galaxy Express and Logistics) step in.

And, over here, we’re talking about just what we (Galaxy Express and Logistics) do during customs clearance. This is how it goes:

  • To complete these activities, we will additionally require the following documents:
  • A Bill of Entry Commercial Invoice is a type of commercial invoice.
  • Airway Bill of Lading Bill Import Permit
  • A certificate of insurance
  • Letter of Credit/Purchase Order
  • Literature, technical writing as well as other documents

*The main goal of Customs Clearance is to prevent illicit items from entering or leaving the nation, and another goal is to save the country 20% on taxes.

The best way to handle Custom Clearance
It’s as simple as finding a trustworthy courier service. However, customs clearance is one of our primary services. Just a friendly reminder.

So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free courier transfer, you can rely on us.

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